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Facial Cleansers for Different Skin Types

Facial cleansers play an important part in your skincare regime. To eliminate impurities, germs, debris, and makeup that can irritate the skin, modern-day face washes are designed to deal with all of it. 

Most skin care routines prefer to concentrate primarily on making complexions look younger, tauter, dewier. And while these are all admirable reasons for beauty, it’s worth noting that keeping your skin sanitized should be one of your biggest concerns. 

With Krystal’s Activated Charcoal face wash, your skin gets purified and cleansed by removing the dead skin cells. This face wash helps extract dirt and impurities from the skin and controls zits and breakouts that make the skin look perfect. The added menthol provides a refreshing feeling to the skin keeping it new and still primed.

Using only water to wash your face will not remove the dirt particles from your face. If a thermal imaging photo was taken by people who believed they had ‘cleaned’ their faces, they would be surprised and amazed at the number of bacteria they saw. You need to wash your face with an effective face wash, just as Krystal’s Neem face wash

Neem Oil has rich antioxidant properties that help to heal sun damage and even reduce skin dryness and skin blemishes, keeping the skin hydrated and radiant. It also detoxifies the skin and eliminates breakouts and acne. It has regenerative features that tend to slow the symptoms of aging.
So, there you have it. The lowdown on the advantages of face wash. To change your skincare routine, find more of our face wash products by logging on to

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